Ellen Kaschak

Dr. Ellyn Kaschak has been Professor of Psychology at San Jose State University since 1974, where she has also been the Chairperson of the graduate program in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling and Director of the University's Family Counseling Service. She is one of the founders of the field of feminist psychology, which she has practiced since its inception some 40 years ago, and has published numerous articles and chapters on the topic, as well as the award-winning book Engendered Lives: A New Psychology of Women's Experience.

Dr. Kaschak is also the editor of the Journal Women and Therapy and has published nine edited anthologies including Minding the Body, A New View of Women's Sexual Problems, Intimate Betrayal: Domestic Violence in Lesbian Relationships and Assault on the Soul: Women in the former Yugoslavia, co-edited with Dr. Sara Sharratt. Her latest book, Sight Unseen: Gender and Race through Blind Eyes, is published by Columbia University Press.

Dr. Kaschak is the past Chair of the Feminist Therapy Institute and a Fellow of Division 35, the Psychology of Women, Division 12, Clinical Psychology, Division 45, Ethnic Minority Issues and Division 52, International Psychology of the American Psychological Association. She has been the recipient of The Heritage Award and The Carolyn Wood Sherif Award of Division 35, The Distinguished Leader Award of the APA Committee on Women in Psychology and the Feminist Therapy Institute Award for Outstanding Contribution to Feminist Psychology.





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